I started planning our trip to Mexico last September. As anyone who's a regular on Rob's message board knows, I did a ton of research. Where to stay, where to eat, what to do etc. (Thank you everyone…especially the particularly helpful. You know who you are. And thank you Rob for providing this forum.)

Anyway, my partner, Allen, and I have been to Mexico several times to various areas on both sides, mostly beach destinations. We've only been to Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa once before, a few years ago, and stayed in Ixtapa. (At the time Allen was a travel agent and got virtually free hotel rooms, so Ixtapa it was.) On that trip I found myself being pulled to Zihua and spending as much time as possible there. Ixtapa wasn't my cup of tea…no offense to those who love it…to each their own. I vowed then to return and stay in Zihua. This was the plan.

After hearing of the trip, our friends Chad and Kim decide come along. Okay, cool. For background purposes, we have never traveled together with them before, and they had never been to Mexico. I try to prepare them as much as possible, i.e., "Hawaii it ain't" etc. I also let them know that there will be no arm-twisting or peer pressure allowed. Everybody gets to do exactly what they want to do on this vacation and no-one can try to bully somebody into doing something they're not in the mood to do.

Should be interesting….

Although Playa La Ropa is more popular and considered the nicer beach, I chose for our group to stay on Playa Madera because from there it's a short walk into town while from La Ropa, you have to either taxi or bus.

Allen, Chad and Kim can only take a week off, but I'm determined to spend more time than that in Zihua so I arrange to come down a few days early by myself. Chad and Kim will stay a week. Allen 8 days. I'll be in Zihua 12. I win.

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